We Believe

We Believe:

  • We believe there is only one God and that the only perfect revelation of him is in Jesus Christ, his Son.
  • Man is at constant enmity with God because he doesn’t understand God’s good purpose for him.
  • That purpose is summed up in a call to a relationship with God – a relationship that is experienced as fullness of life.
  • This life we experience when we turn to God and away from our rebellion against him. This is done with Christ as our representative.
  • When this is done correctly, the Holy Spirit lives in the one who now believes.
  • The church seeks to give full encouragement to those who believe and to those who don’t, that they may believe.

We Are Seeking To:

  • To glorify God.
  • Expound an accurate description of God.
  • To make disciples. This is a continuous process from the moment a person becomes a Christian so we encourage people to become disciples as the best way to live.