A Growing Church in a Growing Town

Coronavirus update and Risk Assessment documentation

Updated: 3rd September 2021

To all at Ashford Baptist Church,

Following our recent meeting, please see a summary below of requirements for those attending on a Sunday, commencing on Sunday 12 September 2021.
One important change will be that there will no longer be cordoning off of rows. However, we would request consideration be given on how close people will be sitting either in front or behind also.

Please keep a mask on at all times (unless medically exempted), if you are aged 11 or over, to protect people around you. 

Please sanitise your hands on arrival. 

Please provide your name and contact details with a clean pen, for Track and Trace purposes. 

Each household/bubble please take 2 cards with you to block the seats next to you at both ends, so there is distance of 2 seats between you and another household. 

Please discuss your seating preferences with a steward, who will direct you to your seats, to maximise seating capacity. 

Those who are able will be encouraged to sit upstairs.

You are encouraged to leave the building shortly after the service. If you wish to mingle, please keep this to a minimum and continue to a safe area outside the building (Please be aware of traffic coming up and down St John’s Lane, especially when we have children around).

Front and side entrances can be used when exiting the building.

Currently the front row will continue to be reserved for musicians. 

Singers will continue to sing behind screens.  

Please be aware ventilation and cleaning regimes will continue.  Therefore, now we are moving into cooler weather, please bring extra layers.

Consideration has been given as to what arrangements will be for our primary and seniors in Sunday School and we are awaiting advice on this. It would be appreciated if you could arrive between 10.15 – 10.30am to allow for signing in, to avoid congestion in the front entrance.

A further risk assessment review will take place during the first week of October.

We hope you will find the above helpful and you will feel safe to return to church if you haven’t done so already.

The risk assements below are constantly being reviewed:

We would also draw your attention to the privacy notice in how we deal with your personal data.  Please note that when you provide your personal details, you are consenting to it being used in line with our current Privacy Notice.

As you will see from these documents, we will all have to adhere to the guidance given, to ensure we provide a safe environment in which to meet together again.

May the sovereign, compassionate and almighty God hold us all in the palm of his hand, and may we uphold one another in our prayers.

Yours in Christ,

The ABC Leadership Team