Holiday Club

Date and Time:
Monday, July 25-Friday, July 29 at 9:00 am-12:15 pm

Ashford Baptist Church

Get ready for the treasure hunt of a lifetime! The Kids@ABC Team are ready and waiting for all children who have just completed reception year through to year 6. Holiday Club 2016 is about to begin!
This year’s theme is ’Treasure Seekers’ – our adventure kicks off on Monday 25th July 2016 and continues throughout the week. We will learn about characters and events from the Bible in a fun, simple and lively way! The children are encouraged to join in as much as they can – dressing up, writing jokes, drawing pictures and getting as many points for their team as possible! It will be an adventure of a lifetime as we seek out the treasure that God has laid out for us. With games, dancing, songs, video clips, quizzes, arts and crafts and outdoor games we have plenty to occupy your mornings.
The fun begins a little earlier on Monday 25th July at 8.45am, to allow for everyone to get to know each other. Parents and carers can pick up at 12.30pm. From Tuesday to Friday, we will open the doors at 9.15am. On Sunday 31st July, we are holding a special Sunday family service, giving you the opportunity to see what your children have been doing all week! We will also play the final games and announce the winners of Holiday Club 2016.
Holiday Club registration can be found here.