Transforming Work Course

Date and Time:
Sunday, September 11 at 5:00 pm-6:30 pm

Ashford Baptist Church

Transforming Work Course.

This is an 8-part course produced by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) to explore the relationship between our faith and our work, how we live as Christians in the workplace, and what opportunities for witness exist.  It also gives us at ABC the chance to get to know each other better as we support and pray for each other’s work situations.  The course is delivered through video input, group discussion, Bible study and prayer.


You can also download the app ‘Transforming Work’ which has free initial content including a video called ‘Work – the Bigger Picture’ and more information generally.

Transforming Work will take place on Sunday afternoons at 5pm at church, once a month from September.  Dates are as follow:

15th January 2017
12th February 2017
12th March 2017
9th April 2017
14th May 2017