A Growing Church in a Growing Town

Letter from the Manse – Brightness of Snow

Hello dear family of God,

This week you will not be surprised to know that the brightness of the snow, the fullness of the clouds waiting to burst more snow upon us, and the strange muffling effect of snow in the environment with the silence of lockdown, have all been in my senses!

It’s like we have been held in this cocoon of winter. Enveloped in it, maybe like Jesus’ invitation that he longed to give to Jerusalem, to gather them up under his mothering wings, cocoon them through the coming storms.…but they were not willing…what would be your response to this invitation?

I loved the crunching of snow under feet, throwing snowballs to puppy Barney and best of all sitting out in the back garden in the evening with the snow falling, with my head up watching the flakes come down, letting them fall on my face – the wonder of God’s gift of light and life! Very childlike…Yes!!!

There’s an and/but too, because at my age I also know the worry about snow – the careful placing of feet so not to slip or break something, the worry for older loved ones how are they in this season….and yet the light and brilliance of this week shines through as a relief from dark days of winter… as it says in this Celtic prayer I came across this week by Tess Ward.

“Blessed be you Light of Life
Source of the sacred flame
Within each of us.
Light which the darkness
Cannot put out.
I rise up with you this day,
I rest with you this night”

This coming week is the start of Lent, 40 days preparation for Easter, the invitation for you and I is to gather under the wings of Christ, to desire God’s love and life in the dark and the light. Our prayers remain the same this week-continue to give thanks this week for so many of our older folk having the Covid 19 injection.

Give thanks for our nurses, pharmacists and doctors who have given the jabs and the scientists who have so quickly developed it. Pray for a fair worldwide distribution of the vaccination. Give thanks for signs of spring, give thanks for the encouragement of one another, give thanks for all who care and support us in these days.

Let’s pray for households under pressure, home schooling, home working, home study for university students, for the strain on emotions, and physical stresses with so much home computer working. Pray too for those who are isolated at home. Pray for all that someone will bring a reassuring touch, by a phone call, flowers, a card a cake, some food, a walk, prayers or a conversation over the fence, a sense of God’s presence. For our keyworkers, in the exhaustion and overwhelming nature of the current situation[if you are a keyworker and you want to be prayed for do let us know] For those among us who work in preschools community groups and schools caring for children of frontline workers. For those who work in care, hospitals and community services.

With love in Christ,