A Growing Church in a Growing Town

Over recent decades the UK has become an increasingly secular society, with understanding of the Christian faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ falling to alarmingly low levels.  Here in Ashford we are also witnessing a rapid expansion of housing, both within the town itself in many new developments, as well as on the outskirts in several large estates.  In response to this, a few of us have felt a call to focus our efforts on reaching out to these areas in pioneering ways, in order to engage with those who are moving in and share with them the good news we have come to know.  We have organised ourselves into the following teams:

Town Centre Start-Up Team, using the church as a base, but also going beyond the current activities that take place, including exploring events off-site.

New Estates Start-Up Team, which is seeking to establish a Christian presence in one of the outlying developments (none of them will have a church building).

In addition, others have committed to being part of Support Teams for each Start-Up Team, giving prayer, encouragement and practical help, and joining in with events and activities when they take place.  If you feel an interest in or call to this important ministry, please have a chat with Lorna or Rob Sylvester, who will gladly tell you more.