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Stay with Jesus through Holy Week

Stay with Jesus through Holy Week

Pray through one of these events each day this week…you may walk, sit in the garden look out from your room but take time to be with Jesus each day.

Be aware of what in the story is drawing your attention to, dwell in it, mull it and then talk to God about it. Write down key movements in your prayer time.

The events can be found in the gospels starting from Palm Sunday either in Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19 and John 12. Each gospel helps to fill out the story of the week in its own way and sometimes their own order.

Entry into Jerusalem, turning over the tables in the temple [Matthew & Luke] returning to Bethany, possible to Lazarus Mary and Martha.

Cursing of the fig tree & Parables of the 2 sons, the tenants in the vineyard, wedding banquet, woes & conflict with the religious leaders. Paying taxes to Caesar & the greatest commandment. Be ready.  [Matthew 21-23]

Teaching in the future, end times, destruction of the temple, wars and rumours of wars, Jesus return hour and day not known. Parables talents and the ten virgins, the sheep and the goats [Matthew 24-25]

The plot against Jesus, Jesus anointed at Bethany & Judas agrees to betray Jesus [Mathew 26, Mark 14]

The last supper, [in Matthew Mark Luke] Jesus washing the disciple’s feet and farewell words of Jesus [only in john13-16]
Gethsemane Jesus, stay with me, the disciples sleep, Jesus arrested and the disciples flee
Trial before the Jewish authorities and kept overnight probably in the dungeon at the high priest’s house [Mark 14;53]

Trial before Pilate who washes his hands and sends Jesus to the cross.
Jesus crucified, skies darken, curtain in the temple torn in two and an earthquake Jesus buried [Mark 15]

Guard posted at Jesus tomb [Mathew 27:62]

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark.. [John20]