Ashford Baptist Church Sunday Sermons

April 8, 2018

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Alison O’Donnell speaks at the morning service. Bible Reading from John 21:1-14

November 29, 2015

The Birth Of John The Baptist

Rev Rob Sylvester preaches on the story of John’s parents.   Bible readings are from Luke 1:5-25 & Luke 1:57-80

November 22, 2015

Grandmothers footsteps

Rev Rob Sylvester preaches on meeting with God. Bible Reading: Hebrews 12:18-29

November 22, 2015

Church Anniversary

Rev Lorna Sylvester brings the sermon on this church anniversary. Reading is from Jeremiah 32:1-19a

November 15, 2015


David Hudson joins us this morning. Readings are from Romans 12:1-8 and Philippians 3:1-14

October 11, 2015

Truth and Honesty

Sammy Deans preaches on Truth and Honesty

September 6, 2015

Breaking Camp

Rob Sylvester preaches on moving on with Christ. Reading is from Deuteronomy 1: 1-8  & 1: 19-36

August 30, 2015

Strategical & Spiritual

Mark Povey continues the study of Acts. Acts 18:1-11. Please note, last few minutes of sermon are not on the recording.

August 2, 2015

The Church at prayer

Rev Lorna Sylvester preaches on the Great Escape of Paul. Includes communion. Reading from Acts 12:1-17

July 26, 2015

A Kingdom for Children


Rev Lorna Sylvester presents the children’s talk and Rev Rob Sylvester preaches on entering the Kingdom of God. Reading Matthew 18:1 -14

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