A Growing Church in a Growing Town

Walking into Holy Week

During holy week, [April 14th-21st] our Minister Lorna will be leading walks at different times of the day in the local area, with a theme from each day of Jesus life in the last week before the cross. We can walk and chew over events from holy week.

Palm Sunday 14th April at 3pm.
Meet at Wye Downs Car Park (TN25 5HE) to walk to the Wye Crown as Jesus walked up to the Mount of Olives to collect the donkey on which he would descend into the city of Jerusalem, we will descend to Wye Church and the village. A car can be left at the bottom of the hill by the church to transport back up to the top car park or others may want to complete a circular walk.

Tuesday 16th April at 6:30am.
Meet at Great Chart Cricket Club (TN23 3AF) to walk onto the Goddington estate. We will remember the parables Jesus gave about the future-parable sheep tenants etc.

Wednesday 17th April at 6am
Meet at the Boughton Aluph green near the war memorial (TN25 4HX) to walk around Eastwell. We will remember the anointing at Bethany and Judas agreeing to betray Jesus.

Good Friday 19th April at 11:30am
Gather at ABC after the morning service to walk through the memorial garden and down to North Park. We will remember the hours on the cross: 9am-noon darkness came over the land until 3pm when Jesus breathed his last – it is finished.

Easter Sunday 21st April at 5am
Meet at the Wye Downs car park (TN25 5HE) to walk to the Wye Crown for first light resurrection communion. “Early on the first day while it was still dark…” John 20

See Lorna for more details