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Windows of Light at Christmas

Churches Together in Ashford are encouraging Christians in and around the town to create and display a ‘Window of Light’ this Christmas.  These will brighten and cheer our homes during this difficult winter, shine out as a witness to Jesus the Light of the World to our neighbours and passers-by, and also form a Christmas Trail of windows to explore during the school holidays. 

You are invited to take part in this exciting project and have until Sunday 13th December to make and register your window!


  • Some large card or paper (black is good, but you can use any colour), coloured tissue paper, scissors, sellotape/blu-tac to attach it to the window.  These can be obtained from Hobbycraft or some supermarkets.


  • Decide which window in your home to decorate – which will passers-by see most easily?
  • Design your window before you start cutting etc.  Remember it needs to be read from the outside!  The card/paper shapes and letters will stand out as silhouettes, the tissue paper will provide the light and colour.
  • Measure your window before you start and cut your card to fit it (ask a grown up to help & take care with sharp scissors).
  • Include a few keywords for Christmas, such as HOPE, PEACE, JOY, JESUS, LOVE, LIGHT etc.


  • When you’ve finished (by Sunday 13th December please), place the design in your window.
  • Register your window by texting ‘Window’ plus your street name (house/flat number is not needed) to 07523 270369.  This is a church mobile phone that the person administering the list/map of all windows will use.  You will not be contacted on it.  
  • Every evening that you can, from Friday 18th December until Sunday 27th December between the hours of 5pm and 9pm, switch on the light in the room behind your window so that it shines out.  (You can also do it before or after those dates, or for longer hours, but these are for the Christmas Trail.)
  • If you want to do the Christmas Trail yourself and find as many Windows of Light as you can, then from Friday 18th December either go to www.ashfordbaptist.org.uk to pick up the list/map from there, or else go to the Facebook page ‘Ashford Churches Noticeboard’ where it will also be available.
  • Pray at your evening meal that people will see the windows and that God will speak to them about his love, hope and peace this Christmas.